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The Milijuli Foundation is working hard on their mission. But we cannot do this without your help!


With only 250 nepali rupees you can change a life!

By providing scholarship for a student you help them to have a better future.  You create an opportunity they might not have had without your help.

Donate the Milijuli Program:

The Milijuli Foundation is thankful that you want to help us to work on our mission. 
You can help by donating money by filling up the form below or through paypal by clicking on the follow link here.


Do you have good skills, you can also become a volunteer and be part of our Milijuli Family.

We are still looking for the family members:

  • Dance teacher ( Saturday and after school hours)

  • Music teacher ( Saturday and after school hours)

  • Art & Craft teacher ( Saturday and after school hours)

  • Sports teachers

  • Puberty Teacher

  • Environment Teacher

Puberty Teacher

The Milijuli education program has created a 4 week class on puberty.
Although the government curriculum has this subject included it’s many times not taught by the teachers as there is a big taboo on menstruation and sexuality.

This four week course is designed to let starting pubers know about the changes in their bodies but it also shows how to deal with the opposite sexe . This course is teaches girls about their menstruation, what it is and why it’s important. It also teaches boys about menstruation and why it shouldn’t be a taboo.

Are you open to talk about a subject that is as important as puberty but which is put away because of shame ?
Are you a brave young women, young man and ready to let these taboos fade away so that both boys and girls will get more knowledge about the human body?

Than contact us and become a member of the Milijuli Family!

Environment Teacher

Are you longing for a better environment?

Are you enthusiastic and happy to share your knowledge.Than we need you!

The Milijuli education program  has created a 4 week class to teach children the importance of their environment and the effect of garbage on their environment. It’s important that children learn how to make their environment cleaner and more healthy.

Within Kathmandu but also in the rest of Nepal there is not a lot of good examples on how to do this! You can Make this difference!

Do you have something different to offer we are open to listen to your ideas!