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The Milijuli Foundation advocates for children, youngsters and women who are hampered in their development.


To minimize the social economical differences in society. The Milijuli Foundation aims for a decreasing of social economical difference in society by providing education and skill development trainings to people from a low social economical background.


  • We see everyone as an individual who has the right to develop at her/his best

  • We are here to give chances for a better life to those people for whom chances don’t come easy.
  • We work holistically

The Milijuli Foundation

The Milijuli Foundation is a not for profit organization started by passionated youngsters who want to support the development of their beloved country.

We believe in a holistic approach. We observe the children, youngsters and women we work with on the different aspects of their being to find their strengths and skills. And to acknowledge those aspects in their lives that need more development to empower them to grow.

The Milijuli Family

Aditya Piya
Aditya PiyaChairman
Romen Amatya
Romen AmatyaTreasurer
Jashmine Rai
Jashmine RaiGeneral Secretary
Nirmala Pariyar
Nirmala PariyarBoard Member
Sheren Shrestha
Sheren ShresthaBoard Member

Partner Organisation

Stichting Bombo
Stichting Bombo aims for a world in which every child can develop safely and free. In following of this vision Bombo has the mission to improve the quality of life for children that are hampered in their development. Improvements are aimed to be made through personal based quality education. We do this by working with the local communities through which the child develops and gets support within their own culture with the standards and value which are valued within this culture. We believe that this will make it possible to run sustainable projects.


Do you have something different to offer we are open to listen to your ideas!